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ADD:168 Fuhua Lane, Weifang High-tech Zone, Shandong Province

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Located in Fuhua International Conference Center, the venue is 1200 square meters, with 806 fixed soft seats. The overall layout of the venue is spacious and bright, and it is equipped with a world-class simultaneous translation system of eight countries. The multi-functional theater can undertake various international conferences and has successfully hosted the "World Abacus Conference", the "International Symposium on Tax Expenditure of the Ministry of Finance", the "China-India Information Technology Trade Conference", and "China-US Agriculture". The important conferences such as the “International Symposium on the Park” have been widely praised by people from all walks of life.
In order to reflect professional, high-quality and personalized service, there is a VIP lounge in the north side of the theater. There are 16 luxurious sofas in the theater, which can provide tea, fragrant towels and fruit bowls. It is a great place for VIPs to exchange during the conference. place.
Excellent facilities and professional services ensure that every event is a complete success and easy.