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ADD:168 Fuhua Lane, Weifang High-tech Zone, Shandong Province

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Our Advantages

Experienced and the foundation for providing quality management services
The Fuhua management team consists of senior management staff who have many years of experience in hotel management. It is harmonious, efficient and powerful, and will provide you with better management services.
Strong strength is the key to providing quality management services
Relying on the five-star Fuhua Hotel and Fuhua Amusement Park, the company has successfully completed the reception tasks of national leaders, political and business, and cultural and sports VIPs. The comprehensive strength and management ability have always been in a leading position in the same level hotels. The core competitiveness has established a good hotel brand image.
Strong regionalism is the guarantee of providing quality management services
Fuhua Management Team relies on the advantages of Fuhua Hotel's headquarters in Shandong and Weifang's local environment, and has a keen insight into the local cultural and consumer groups, allowing us to have a more mature market understanding and richer resources.