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Weifang Food Culture City:

Located on the first floor of Fuhua International Club, Fuhua Hotel aims to develop Weifang's characteristic tourism and promote the traditional food culture of Weifang. Together with Fuhua Weifang Cuisine Culture Communication Center, it is a collection of tours, tours and experiences. An integrated five-star food and culture center, gathering authentic folk specialties and folk culture, hired two masters of Jixian cooking, Huang Guangrong and Tan Dongsheng as senior consultants to create ancient crafts and aim to create high-end specialties. The Weifang Food Culture Communication Ambassador will explain the traditional food culture and customs of Weifang to the guests and guests around the world.
Weifang Food Culture City is 8 meters in diameter and the first pot in the world - Fuhua Chaotian Pot. There are two high-end rooms in the restaurant, which can provide various packages such as Chaotian Pot Banquet, Four-Four Banquet, Weifang Special Food Festival. There are 120 dining places in the zero-point hall. The antique decoration style is elegant and elegant. The six Ming-style exhibition areas present a variety of local specialties.