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Kirin Court:

Located on the west side of the lobby of Block A of Fuhua Hotel, the Kirin Pavilion is designed in a palace style. The pillars are engraved with lively unicorns and beasts. There are twelve lanterns on the roof, a round of Fogg carved in the corridor, and reliefs in the interior, showing the honor and glory everywhere. It is often said that when you come to Kirin Court, you can "make your name on the gold list"! Operating the state banquet, Huaiyang cuisine, Cantonese cuisine, the Chinese banquet special hired Yang Hechu master to bring the disciple Wang Feilong to the guests to present authentic national feast food. There are six halls and one zero hall. The Zero Hall can accommodate up to 100 people for dining at the same time. Kirin Court pursues the traceability of ingredients and pursues a green and ecological environment. The high-end raw materials are all from the well-known brands in Hong Kong, "upstairs", aiming to create a model of high-end quality, exquisite production, and a very ceremonial service, let you experience the quality of life, taste culture.