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怡然商旅 情满富华 

富华大酒店位于国际风筝之都 —— 山东省潍坊市高新区,毗邻享有“齐鲁第一园”美誉的富华游乐园,临近青银高速公路,环境优美,交通便利。酒店于1995年4月20日开业,“1997年通过国家旅游局五星级评定,是山东省最早的五星级旅游酒店之一、国家级文明旅游示范单位、五叶级中国绿色饭店、国家五叶级文化主题饭店。”富华大酒店(A、B座)分别于2019年和2020年进行了全面装修升级。

The Farrington is adjacent to the Fuhua amusement park, which enjoys the reputation of "Qilu

first garden". It is close to Qingyin Expressway and has beautiful environment and excellent

geographical location. The hotel covers an area of 6.4 hectares, with a total building area of 88 


Company philosphy


富华大酒店秉承“规范专业 用情服务”的服务理念,坚持“诚信为本”的核心价值观,守正创新,匠心经营,引领品质消费,服务四海宾朋,以一流的服务和环境赢得了广大宾客的一致好评。

The Farrington adheres to the service concept of “standardized professional service” and strives to create a quality service standard that “is not a good service without leaving the service of the story, and is not a good service without the service praised by the guests”. The employees have won the praise of the guests with their warm and thoughtful spirit, standardized professional service skills and heartfelt service attitude.


Infinite Enjoyment    Comfortable Feelings​

 富华居住——无限惬意 抒怀感受


The Tong Tong style is decorated with elegant and soft Italy

marble, and is very luxurious in European style. There is a fountain in the center, and 


Business Chamber, Noble Career

富华会议——商务会所 尊荣事业


Excellent and excellent international conference center, it can

provide more than 20 different conference rooms and

exhibition grounds.


Remarkable Taste,Enjoy Respect 

富华餐饮—— 非凡美味,尽享尊崇 


The Farrington  has a variety of restaurants and bars with different

flavors, a collection of Chinese food and food from the north

and south of China. 


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